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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 73  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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i didn't want to jack the car into one that did the communication moves in one direction it is designed to leave the person the suspect and think that the police don't think this is such a big deal right and therefore i'll be treated with leniency ok so one of my choices either i can be the accomplice who refuses to speak or i can admit to what they want me to admit to given all of the minimisation that they've given me and enjoy the benefit of that but there are going to go you. go how do you presume they're going to do that they look at how much they have communicated already he now knows so much about this crime that whether he was there or had anything to do with it or not he now knows enough about what to give you a description. and renzo why were you there. while you're at sleaze house it was no. resolutions and no low to keep
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her there for hours later jr who kicked her in the head of course the building a story for him to tell. there is if you don't write ridge. to zero part of the trade she's. around so was it you're in. your job is just right around he's now being set up so that when he's ready to give a statement he knows exactly what that statement should convey that he knows the gate he was kicked in the head shoe dragging her through the blood you know he's got it all so later a judge and the jury is going to watch the final confession and they're going to be so impressed and unable to look past that because they keep on asking themselves what happened you know those things if he was in there right. stare me down oh. you made that up i just stand there watch your prior five minutes you wait
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that up you know you. you know your home you're not going home tonight i can guarantee that the reform and they do not put you in juvenile hall for murder which would be boys you know you read to madiba talk now or say goodbye to your mom it's pretty clear and your cousin and your sister and your girlfriend and your life if you read it any longer but it is you ready. room. what can an innocent person do next solve the situation anything i guess you could hold out right for ever just hold out. doesn't everybody have
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a breaking point so why must. he was in prison for fourteen years so he got out a twenty eight he was in solitary confinement for four years because when he goes into grown up prison he's fourteen and he can't be in with the general population so he goes to solitary confinement for four years for fourteen to eighteen lorenzo was exonerated and we have a civil rights too pending for him and the. opposition are you know they're they're moving to have the case dismissed based on qualified immunity for the police. so we talked about how out of these four cases you know corey and melt and lorenzo have all been exonerated by rene you know her case remains active and she's been in
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prison now for twenty years her son grew up without a mom she you know he has she's grandkids now that she's never met other than on a phone through glass. she said to heart attacks while she's been in prison and is probably not getting the right medical treatment for that you know we're just hoping that you know time could be on our side and we can get her out sooner rather than later but i mean she is a a life that's. wasted. twenty years six months i mean on the dawn of time it's my mom she was. oh oh oh fortunate wife calls on. all sides of ours just have to patiently wait you know. and i don't know as the understand how you could live
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without for so long a cow that feels. just know she's in there. this is some fair book as they all know you just go with the cars of the law of the business loan for a loan right. now just try to make a better word from mark for much over the ledge short of it all have to suffer and endure what our own draw of notice come alive almost from the door for us which with the former oh right well it's hard to get out of those trends. so you should be proud of yourself i'm sure she's proud of you. and all of them of the state so many of the states to everybody does. i hope you read your night in person.
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i hope that we can make that happen for you. he is. the one thank you. barry. for hi this is jane fisher mary awesome attorney for renee lynch we will call. run a lynch. then on on. morning good morning how are you. going. how is your heart. medication here i only half hour tracking. all i
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care. but if we ask. dr gregory. or. i know all of us. you want to play some together it's ok i understand it's so difficult and i know that it's taking a lot of time but we don't want to mess it up renee and we're going to get one shot at this. so just hang in there. i promise you there will be an hour and i hope it's a good one but there won't be any and.
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develop. no miss of the season is new they're going back send it. to the. scene. assuming the system is missing the biggest thousand tons as a tool will not do this tank. snicker you. do believe. that gutless. to. good and some are you. mr first and america are those vehicles and todd yeah i've only met.
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the dude you're going to give me some of them. does he in any way blame himself for i think so control ending and confessed i think they all do that but my own observations from talking to wrongfully convicted people is. those who are wrongfully convicted by confession are not doing as well the stigma they attach to themselves they feel weak and idle stupid they don't understand what happened how to done that to themselves and even when the convictions overturned if the reason they were convicted was a confession as opposed to something else the stigma of that tach to the state even after they were exonerated right people are not quite one hundred percent sure
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right yet the confession is so powerful than even ever it's supposed to evaporate. so corey today is he's living well right he got a huge settlement but it doesn't take away those demons in his head you know he's he was in from sixteen to almost thirty so what are you now when you come out i he is never going to have the mental peace and rest that you know you and i can probably accomplish sometimes but he has lost his whole family there's no relationship with them really. and that's something that they then why people in the city and the prosecutors took away from him right that money can't replace. when we come back to society you don't
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you don't know when to do it in charity. you don't know what to do or. with a bit of a morning. star over here. starchy journo lingo whatever journey may be. if you're going i was told to stand in the hose you know from under. bear fruit. we're. restorable false confessions not just a story that gets at the question of why in god's name did an innocent person confess to a crime he or she didn't commit it's a second story in the second story line is how come the prosecutor the judge the jury the appeals court all missed it. and there is now ample research actual cases laboratory studies field studies and one hundred plus years of basic psychology
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tells us when you lie the people about evidence when you lie to people about reality you can change their perceptions can change their memories and you can change just about every aspect of their cognitive function everybody is human but it's mortal everybody is for it and. in the. iranis case we've now gathered all the information we could possibly find and we're ready to file motions in court but this is only the first step in a long long journey for an a as last decades of her life for something she didn't do that she deserves to spend every minute of the rest of it with her family. who is in rome always here every day. more than molly.
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in the love life.
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hello again we're here across united states and canada we have been dealing with a massive winter storm now the storm has been bringing bozak conditions up here towards the north as well as severe weather down here across much of the self look at it here on the satellite image how big that system is now as we go towards friday things get better down here towards the south we're really going to see some rain showers moving along the coast the severe weather threat is going to end in the morning but up to the north it's going to remain quite windy across much of the area of course we are looking at temperatures into the single digits and even a colder than that here in winnipeg where your high temperatures only going to be minus six degrees as we go towards sadly a lot of that rain makes its way out here into the atlantic and behind it we are going to be seeing some slightly cooler conditions across much of the area toronto and to new york coming down to about thirteen degrees and even atlanta twelve degrees for you there well across mexico particular out here towards the eastern part of mexico we are going to be seeing some rainy conditions over the next few
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days notice all the rain here affecting much of that gulf side of mexico we are going to see that rain continue and even make its way down here a little bit further to the south mexico city we do expect to see a partly cloudy day to mostly cloudy day twenty six degrees and here correspondence on as it is going to be partly cloudy for you with the temperature there about twenty four degrees. a sinister on a guy who secretly controls moldova's parliament on me a tycoon misjudged by his enemies he is the most hated politician in your country i made my key allegations of blackmail hitman and the billion dollar for. people in power investigates moldova and the puppet master on al-jazeera.
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a three year investigation into the. three million dollars are going to. reveal secrets and connections some don't want exposed. investigations. sometimes even. this is al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes flashes of israeli retaliation on the gaza skyline after rockets are
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fired at tel aviv. this is a moment historians will look back on u.s. senators vote to terminate donald trump's border emergency declaration the president promising to veto. warnings of more death and destruction in southern africa as a site flown bears down on places already hit by flooding. british politicians try to put the brakes on breakfast but the final decision rests with e.u. leaders. all of those stories coming up but first breaking news from new zealand that's where there are reports of shots fired or near a mosque in the city of christ church who least have declared a critical incidents and are telling people nearby to stay indoors this is a picture from the mosque from google. view where it's happening right now and
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witnesses quoted by local media have described seeing many people injured let's bring in sam clark from christchurch is joining us on the telephone he's a reporter with t.v.n.z. thanks for speaking to us what are you hearing about this incident. during like you say it's very much a developing situation here spoken to some of the people who were in the mosque at the time of the shooting they say that was around four to five hundred people crying at the time. in that a gunman dressed in black with a helmet. wish to believe he was carrying a machine gun came into the back of the mosque and started firing into the people praying that some managed to escape some through the windows and through the doors but they thought maybe people who had been hit as young as six thinking they were praying in the mosque at the time they fled away from that area.
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police have locked down that they haven't called the gunman just yet or at least haven't confirmed it so there is a lot of confusion around what is happening the. some say they saw around the thing but the outside the mosque some alive some did they feed the shooting went on for about thirteen to fifteen minutes and was quite constant during the time we've seen ambulances. coming in and out of the scene nonstop since the incident happened around an hour ago but like i say it is very much a developing situation and are you hearing that there could have been possibly more than one gunman or is it just one. it is unconfirmed at this stage but we it was only one gunman we believe at the mosque in. christchurch city but we have heard unconfirmed reports that this might have been
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a targeted strike at multiple months across the region we do have to point out that is. why. there would be a target. worldwide. during. a place with this kind of crime happens we haven't had the most queuing in recent memory and you'd have to go quite a long way back to have a mass shooting here in new zealand so we can only speculate about why this shooting has happened all right some cards for the time being we thank you for giving us that update from new zealand now israeli fighter jets have hit hamas targets in gaza hours after two rockets were fired from the strip towards tel aviv so the strikes have lit up the night skies over gaza as you can see as the israeli army aimed at what it describes as terrorist sites hamas however insists it's not
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responsible for the earlier rocket fire at tel aviv with didn't hurt anyone or cause damage this is the first such attack on israel's on television since the twenty four thousand dollars a war harry fossett is joining us from west jerusalem to tell us what more is really authorities are saying. well the israeli authorities are now explicitly blaming hamas for those two rockets that were detected being launched from the gaza strip on thursday evening originally the army spokesman at least in the hour or so after the rockets emerged from there the army spokesman said that they couldn't be sure which of the palestinian factions inside gaza had fired them but that they held hamas responsible for everything that goes on inside gaza anything that emanates from gaza that is the long held israeli position now though they are saying that they are directly blaming hamas for that launch and as you say
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the airstrikes have been ongoing throughout the course of much of the night a substantial israeli response along the lines of what we were expecting so far our colleagues in gaza tell us that these strikes have not entered into the middle of gaza city they have not been targeting buildings in the middle of gaza city however they are they have as you say been targeting various sites linked to hamas in what israel terms as terrorist organizations so that is the situation as far as the israeli strikes are concerned there have also been a couple of warning sirens being sounded in the israeli communities around the gaza border as well reports of rocket fire at least attempting to come out of the gaza strip in response to this israeli retaliatory strike and this happening a couple weeks before israeli elections harry what israel and netanyahu want to escalate the situation. well i think it's very unlikely and certainly the
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general consensus among analysts is that it's very unlikely that benjamin netanyahu at this very delicate political moment wants to have anything as unpredictable and as potentially devastating as a gaza war in the weeks before the election which takes place on april the ninth he has however had to in terms of the political situation here show a strong response that is the again the general impression that that most people were a garnering here that he has a strong opposition this time around comprising not least three former israeli army chiefs the leader of the blue and white party the newly unified opposition party which is essentially of a pragmatic operation to unseat netanyahu has called for a significant and serious response so the question is now how to calibrate that response whether he will be whether he has enough sort of political cushion he is
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ahead in the polls to do something short of really risking an all out war which most people think that he doesn't want while still satisfying those on the israeli right who want to see a stronger response against hamas than has been. that has been implemented so far in the last year or so by benjamin netanyahu ok harry foster thank you and by him has more from ramallah in the occupied west bank. this comes at a very sensitive moment for the movement they have been under siege for so long and there has been measures taken by the palestinian authority that has limited the financial stability of the. rule in the gaza strip that has been also many people who actually today that has been attempted protest in the gaza strip to talk about the increased cost of living and the tough situations on the ground and as
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well as it have come at a time with hamas is discussing with the israelis a potential cease fire deal so all of this will tell us that there is an interest in a stability in the gaza strip and not an escalation let's speak to the coeditor of his joining us via skype from new york thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera first we'll talk about the rocket attacks into television of hamas is denying responsibility as well as islamic jihad and hamas saying those behind the attacks are violating the factional and national consensus what do you make of their denial in that statement. well how mouse and you have are not known as movements that would shy away from taking responsibility from their actions if anything else the movements have had a propensity to claim responsibility for actions that they're not responsible for in order to bolster their national credentials on the face of it i think these denials deserve to be taken very seriously at the same time there are of course
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over idea of other elements in the gaza strip should be behind these reported. projectiles far far it's more in central israel there were also tax process of the gaza strip today so one could make an argument that someone was seeking to do either one is hemispheric pressing those that means stations or to divert attention from the repression of those demonstrations so it's a it's a very serious. set of events that we sell to now that israel has struck back there been explosions in the gaza strip judging by the past factions will respond. do you think that the situation has the potential to escalate. it's certainly does having said that israel launched a series of airstrikes throughout the gaza strip appearing to facilities rather than densely populated areas or political ship or bits and thus far at least
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there appear to have been no injuries the mouse responded with a number of mortar strikes on the gaza periphery so it could be that we may see kind of the end of the series of events in the coming hours having said that one could also make the argument not standing for your correspondent. that the netanyahu government may in fact have an interest in escalation in order to demonstrate kind of the militarists credentials in the election campaign where netanyahu may be rivals are former senior generals and in a context where he may also want to divert attention from the variety of corruption allegations against him and which are undermining as his legitimacy within the israeli works or goes well so it's really very difficult to say what calculations
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will be adopted both by israeli governments and by the hamas in the gaza strip at the state's all right mind a body think you for speaking to us from new york an update from new zealand where we've been telling you there are reports of shots fired at or near a mosque in the city of christ church so you're looking at pictures coming from a hospital where some of the injured victims are being treated so police have the clarity critical incidents and are telling people nearby to stay indoors as witnesses the quoted by local media have described seeing many people injured we are working to get information we'll return to this developing situation when we know more. the u.s. senate has voted to revoke donald trump that the ration of a national emergency on the border with mexico several members of the president's own republican party sided against him our white house correspondent kimberly halkett reports on how trump responded are there any senators wishing to change their vote.


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